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Credit Card Froms



In lieu of my credit card imprint, I  (Name of card holder as shown on card) hereby Authorize 3S Travel INC,

Consolidator or issuing agent or Carrier to charge my Credit Card   (Card Type)

Card Number#                Exp Date:

In the amount of $    for payment of transportation of myself and or

(Full name(s) of Passenger(s) if other than cardholder)

For Itinerary as Follows:

My Billing Address:

Phone # Home:

Phone # Work: 

Phone # Cell:    

Identification is required. Please provide a Legible Photocopy of Credit Card(Front and Back) and passport or Driver's License of cardholder. Ticket will not be released until receipt of this completed form.By signing below, I acknowledge charges of payment in full to be made when billed in accordance with standard policy Issuing card.

(Signature of Cardholder) (Date)

Travel Agency Validation Travel Agent's name